The Regional Bowls of Intercession Tipped Earthward

The regional bowls of intercession tipped earthward during Good Friday Together, March 2013. Many of the leading churches of Buffalo came together to lift high one name—Jesus Christ! No famous speakers or singers were flown in, just some of the best and brightest from our region. By actual count, 13,000 people gathered in the great sports center where the NHL’s Buffalo Sabres play. A significant offering was taken to bless the city in the areas of sustainable housing, education, healthcare, and teen mentoring. It was obvious that night that the church was becoming one. The fruit from Good Friday Together continues:

  • Our unity commanded the blessing of the Lord.
  • Our unity sweetened the soil of evangelism.
  • Our unity released the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Our unity is transforming our region.

And your city? What are you waiting for? What is God’s dream for your city? As an intercessor friend said, “Transformation is seeing things happen that we never imagined would happen in our city.”