September 28, 2023


  • Revs. Al & Deb Warner: Building bridges between leaders to transform their world (North Grand Island Bridge)

Welcome Set Free Leaders

Prophesy Life Back to Your City!

From the desk of Steve Shultz:
I really enjoyed reading this word from Al and Deb Warner of Buffalo, NY. It is full of history and a well explained parable of how to call our cities back to life… our cities are also a part of our Promised Land! The Warner’s share: If your city has been severely tested, if she is dead or dying, if you have wandered in the wilderness long enough, you have all the elements for a God breathed resurrection; prophesy life! Enjoy this word…as you also get a little history lesson and how it pertains to you and your city!

Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

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