June 7, 2023


What others are saying:

Mrs. Letizia Conrad, retired Principal, Buffalo Public Schools. We benefited from Set Free’s inspiration and programming for our school with over 700 students.

Pastor Richard Hague, past President of the Board of Directors, Niagara Charter School. Thanks to Set Free for providing ongoing support during the development, start up, and initial operations of Niagara Charter School, which now educates over 450 elementary children.

Jim Anthony, Anthony & Co. Oncor International.  Set Free provided strategic community networking, staff training and mentoring, and pastoral support services to our regional mall redevelopment project in Niagara Falls.

Rev. Jon Hasselbeck, Breakout / Pastor NorthGate Community Church. Set Free provided support during development, startup, and continued operations of Breakout, our regional youth event involving over 300 students each year.

Carl Calabrese, Government Action Professionals, former Erie Co. Deputy County Executive.  Your work has brought people of different races, municipalities and political persuasions together in order to find common ground on the issues and problems we face as a community.  Having participated in this effort, I can tell you that the chances for successfully resolving problems increase greatly when people, who may disagree over policy, share the messages and lessons…  When leaders ‘connect’ on this level, our problems become solvable and our differences become smaller.

John Sheffer, retired Vice President of University at Buffalo, former NYS Senator …this is an effort to promote cross-sector collaborations which enhance the community through improved relationships among community leaders.  …the overwhelming need for effective collaborative programs such as Set Free’s is demonstrated again and again.  …Rev. Warner is demonstrating extraordinary energy and commitment to this effort and it is my hope that the community will also respond in support…